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Help with Relationships…

I came across this today – Ariel Ford is a writer, amongst other things and I often read her posts on Spirit Library. I normally only recommend books I have read so I would like to make it clear that I have not read this but wanted to share the details with you anyway.

In days where couples often struggle to understand each other, I felt it was quite important to share this. This theory is based on an old Japanese ideology. See Ariel’s video:

Do you know where God is?

From www.spiritlibrary.com – Like this article…I had a similar personal realisation recently….

Let’s explore something really fascinating this week. Let’s look at the place in the universe in which God resides; the location in which God exists. Many people believe that God is everywhere, but do not believe that God resides inside of them. They may say this out of humility, but actually it is the height of arrogance to imagine that God exists everywhere in the Universe except in you.

That would make your body, mind, and soul pretty exclusive real estate.

If we accept, on the other hand, what even traditional religions say: that God is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, the All-In-All, then we must necessarily conclude that God exists in us.

This is a big conclusion, because if it is accurate (and it is), we come upon a most intriguing and significant inquiry: Where in us does God exist? In our little finger? In our big toe? In our brain? In our heart? In our soul? (Do we even have a soul?) (Yes.)

The answer: if God really is the All-In-All, the Alpha and the Omega, than there can be nowhere in us that God is not. In fact, there is nowhere in anything that God is not. God is everywhere, and is made manifest in everything.

This brings us back to the Unspoken Truth. If God is everywhere in you, if there is nowhere in you that God is not, then God is you.

And everything else.

Once you understand this, you cannot imagine that life is about “you” ever again. Not in the sense of “you” having to be, do, or have anything in particular in order to be happy. Not in the sense of you “needing” anything, or requiring anything, in order to survive.

Living in this truth makes it extremely difficult to be “caught up” in the minor daily “dramas” of life as it is currently lived by most people on the earth, and provides a fresh perspective on the really major tragedies and turmoil of our species.

For 50 years I was living a case of mistaken identity. I thought I was separate from God. Now I know that this is not true, and that God and I are One. This does not mean that “I am God” in the arrogant sense of those words. This means that “I am what God is, and God is what I am.” This means that I truly have been made in the image and likeness of God!

And so have you.

On a strictly personal level, this means that you have no need for anything at all, and so you can drop all of your personal day-to-day “dramas” right now. Since you are everything you could ever imagine that you need or desire, what is there to be agitated about?

You desire love? You are love. You desire abundance? You are abundance. You desire compassion, forgiveness, understanding? You are compassion, forgiveness, understanding.

You may not experience that you are these things if you have been living a case of mistaken identity, yet the fastest way to experience that you are these things is to be these things. And the fastest way to experience yourself being these things is to give these things away. For it is in the giving that you realize and multiply the having, and it is in the having that you experience and expand the being, and it is in the being that you embrace and express the knowing of Who You Are-and this is the purpose of all of life.

These are understandings that, once truly embraced, can alter your experience of life forever.

Love and Hugs,


The Ledge of Magnificence by Meredith Murphy….

This is a great article and well worth a read – click for full details….

I realized that we all sit on this beautiful ledge of magnificence in life.

From there we can see expansively and merge with spaciousness.  We can experience the deepest joy possible and realize the glory of everything! Just by feeling our socks!

Or, we can limit ourselves and continue to energize the experience of unworthiness.  Instead choosing to occupy our life from a distracted perspective; a belief that we need to be doing something to earn or deserve things.  And while we’re distracting ourselves trying to prove to the world our worthiness, we miss it!  And it’s right there–the love, the view, the aliveness and the amazing JOY that is flowing to us right now.  The easiness of letting all of life and all we desire come to us, free and clear.  Without doing a thing.

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