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Self Empowerment by David Childerley….

My good friend Asare sent me this clip to view. I loved it. David is an amazing person with great perspective and he’s very logical. I have visited his website and signed up for newsletters and videoclips. I’ll keep you posted.

This clip is one of a whole series so it is worth doing a bit of digging and seeing what David has to say. I agreed with everything he says in this clip.

I Think Being Ill Or Healthy Is In Your Own Hands…………What Do You Think?

I do believe that (on most occasions but not all) your wellness is in your own hands. If you have total control over your emotional strength (soul), physical strength (body)¬†and mental health (mind), you are fine. You don’t get ill. All three need to be fine tuned, regularly exercised and managed appropriatly. Auranics gives you lots of information on all three of these through previous posts.

If you do get sick, try and meditate on which one of these needs attention and apply focus there.

I have not always believed this but as I am getting older, everything is beginning to make more sense. I am realising more.

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