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Great Kundalini Yoga Class Video….

I did this 30 minute Kundalini Yoga video this morning and feel revitalised and refreshed. It’s excellent for beginners and anyone can take part….

And Another Fantastic Article from Mike George……..A New Enthusiasm

Here is another really good article from Mike George.

This is an excerpt but you can get the FULL ARTICLE HERE.

A New Enthusiasm

Many of us awaken each day in a different mood. Others find their mood swinging unpredictably and uncontrollably throughout the day. And some seem to become unchangingly stuck in a rut characterised by continuously dull feelings. Our moods obviously influence our level of enthusiasm towards tasks and people in particular, and towards our life in general. Yet we all know or have at least met someone who is almost constantly enthusiastic and wondered how on earth they maintain their consistently up-beat attitude to everything in their life. Sometimes we are inspired by their enthusiasm. And at other times, because it can be such a direct contrast to our own energy level, we find ourselves irritated and almost tired of being around such a bubbling energy. And yet, deep down there’s often a little voice that says, “I wish I could be like that, be as enthusiastic as them about … everything”.

All you need to do to get this FREE and lovely information is to go to Mike’s website and sign up for his newsletter.

Fantastic Article From Mike George – Don’t COMPARE.COM and You Won’t be CONFUSED.COM!

All of what Mike George says makes complete sense to me. Everytime I read something of his, I gain a deeper understanding. This particular article is great. This is what we need to teach our young and old. Here is a little taster. The full document is ATTACHED HERE.

Comparing ourselves with others is a deep and often subtle conditioning in a world where ‘people watching’ has become, for many, a daily obsession. As we watch, we compare, as we compare, we desire, and as we desire we lose our ability to be content with where we are and what we have. Someone else’s life always look better than ‘my life’, someone else’s success always seems much greater than any success I may achieve and someone else’s future always seems to look much rosier than my future. These thought patterns are fatal to our well-being and over time can paralyse our ability to think clearly for ourselves.

All you need to do to get this FREE and lovely information is to go to Mike’s website and sign up for his newsletter.

I Think Being Ill Or Healthy Is In Your Own Hands…………What Do You Think?

I do believe that (on most occasions but not all) your wellness is in your own hands. If you have total control over your emotional strength (soul), physical strength (body) and mental health (mind), you are fine. You don’t get ill. All three need to be fine tuned, regularly exercised and managed appropriatly. Auranics gives you lots of information on all three of these through previous posts.

If you do get sick, try and meditate on which one of these needs attention and apply focus there.

I have not always believed this but as I am getting older, everything is beginning to make more sense. I am realising more.



The Brahma Kumaris do offer great workshops that are around subjects that many people need some help in.

Being a charity, they are heavily reliant on donations so if you attend an event, please give generously so that they can continue their good work and reach out to many others.

This Self Esteem workshop will help you:

Learn simple techniques to help create sustainable self-worth and enjoy more positive and healthy relationships, with ourselves and others.

Two part seminar from 2pm to 530pm.

  • Part 1 Saturday 20th June
  • Part 2 Saturday 27th June

If you know anyone who can benefit, please forward this post on. Unfortunately there are too many people who really suffer from a lack of self esteem and it affects their lives hugely. This is a great chance to start looking into it. Face it and try to deal with it in order to move on and be more confident and happier in yourself. 



Namaste – Welcome to Auranics

We fight daily to maintain our health whilst struggling to keep up with current information on the best holistic lifestyle news and services.

We go to the Retreats and find new meaning for our lives; we then return home and find ourselves struggling to maintain the previous balance we acquired as we swim back towards our old dramas.

We seek practical steps to help us maintain our lifestyles but find too  much information scattered across th web.

Auranics is here to help, we are here to provide you with a one-stop information services where you can access tips on all the latest holistic lifestyle services and products that help you to maintain and grow a healthier life.

(AURANICS = *Aura + Organics*)

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