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Do we really practice these slogans? – ‘Be Good To Yourself’ and ‘Because You’re Worth it’

I speak to so many wonderful people who put themselves out everyday for those they love – family, friends, charity commitments etc. I also see that so many of these people are so great at selfless giving that somewhere along the line, they forget about themselves.

I remember many years ago watching Oprah where she really explored this subject. Many people want to be the best and give their all – for example, a mother and wife who wants to be there for her family and holds all of it on her shoulders. Oprah reminded us that all of us give out loads and nurture others but don’t nurture ourselves. I am certainly guilty of this. I love everyone and everything but until recently, I didn’t hold any love back for me. The greatest love of all is for you to love you. I couldn’t believe I was one of these who had not realised this.

So here’s what I suggest – take 30-60 minutes out of the 24 hour day everyday to do something you want to do. That could be sitting in silence/meditating, some exercise, watching your favorite show, looking at the moon and starts as I like to, listening to music that relaxes you etc. What do you really enjoy doing? Try to get some of this in everyday. Out fo 24 hours in the day, you can take some for you. You are allowed. Plus when you begin to do this,  you will see how much happier you are as you are nurturing yourself too and you will be able to give so much back to your family and other selfless causes.


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