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The Ledge of Magnificence by Meredith Murphy….

This is a great article and well worth a read – click for full details….

I realized that we all sit on this beautiful ledge of magnificence in life.

From there we can see expansively and merge with spaciousness.  We can experience the deepest joy possible and realize the glory of everything! Just by feeling our socks!

Or, we can limit ourselves and continue to energize the experience of unworthiness.  Instead choosing to occupy our life from a distracted perspective; a belief that we need to be doing something to earn or deserve things.  And while we’re distracting ourselves trying to prove to the world our worthiness, we miss it!  And it’s right there–the love, the view, the aliveness and the amazing JOY that is flowing to us right now.  The easiness of letting all of life and all we desire come to us, free and clear.  Without doing a thing.

Brilliant video on Religion vs. Spirituality……….

The Love Foundation…………

The Love Foundation is a nonprofit organization with the mission of inspiring people to love unconditionally. Our vision is to assist people by building a practical foundation and understanding of unconditional love within individuals and society as a whole.

Choose Love

It may be easy to look around our world today and see the appearance of chaos, difficulty and strife.  Yet, when we come from an open heart, we can also see our opportunity to love all things into balance, joy, harmony and peace.  This planet does not need more visions of desperation, fear, doubt and hate – it requires an abundance of love, especially unconditional love, to heal and restore the beauty contained in every moment.  This becomes the easier path once we take the first step and begin to share our love.

When we bring unconditional love back into our personal, professional, community and family lives, we begin the journey of restoring wholeness and happiness to our planetary adventure.  Of course it takes determined effort on our part as the old ways of being are quick to return in our mind.  However, this effort to love is rewarded with a new perspective on everything and all life benefits as a result.

Here at The Love Foundation, whether through Global Love Day each May 1st, our annual Art, Essay and Poetry Invitational, the Love Ambassador or Act of Love designations, and our newest program, Loving Earth, each of these opportunities are simply ways to keep the understanding of love fresh in our collective hearts and minds.

Ten years ago we started this nonprofit organization as a way to inspire and remind people of the simple power of loving unconditionally.  In just these few years, we have witnessed a growing worldwide momentum embracing this opportunity to bring the awareness of unconditional love back into our daily lives.

We look forward to expanding this dialogue and welcome you to walk this journey of unconditional love in your part of the world.


Simply beautiful.

Excellent Website I was just told about………..


Brilliant articles and comments. I particularly related to this onehttp://spiritlibrary.com/lauren-c-gorgo/greasing-the-gears

An Introduction to Eckhart Tolle TV…………..

Eckhart talks about his inspiration for EckhartTolleTV.com and the importance of integrating spiritual awakening into our daily lives.

The Wonderful Eckhart Tolle……..

Take a look https://www.eckharttolletv.com/

Loads on here to get you started. Enjoy.

Interesting video from Jim Carey…………

Yes I’m back!

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