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Do You Really Taste Your Food When You Eat Or Is It All Over Before You Know It?

I had noticed that when I used to eat, I was always doing something else like watching TV or reading. I would spend time and effort creating delicious meals but not enjoy them because my mind would be on something else.

Since I have recognised this, I now eat with no distractions. I smell my food and really taste it. I appreciate it more. I appreciate myself more for cooking properly and nourishing my body well. I eat slowly and make an effort to enjoy every mouthful. I’m always the last one to finish when with friends and family; but then I am not clogging my digestive system. I am giving it time and space to work to its optimum.

Using your restaurant leftovers to help the homeless……..

This is something I do when I go out to dinner that my good friend Asare taught me. At the end of the meal if there is any food left over, we ask her waiter/ess too pack it up and find a homeless person to give it to. The restaurant will only throw it away so this is a good thing. I would urge any of you that can find someone who can benefit from this idea to do the same.

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