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Self Empowerment by David Childerley….

My good friend Asare sent me this clip to view. I loved it. David is an amazing person with great perspective and he’s very logical. I have visited his website and signed up for newsletters and videoclips. I’ll keep you posted.

This clip is one of a whole series so it is worth doing a bit of digging and seeing what David has to say. I agreed with everything he says in this clip.


The Eden ProjectI used to get very frustrated if I were to be caught behind a very slow driver on a single track road – which where I live would happens quite often. It would annoy me when people would drive 30 mhp in a 50 zone for example. My thoughts would slowly wind me up and that would come out in some form of road rage.

I have grown up a bit since then.

Now I look at the same situation but through a different perspective. Maybe the slow driver in front is protecting me from an accident or collision up ahead. Maybe the place I am going needs a bit more time to get ready for me. Maybe the driver in front of me has just passed his/her test or has a pregnant woman in the car, or small children and is just being cautious. It’s not all about me. It’s about the universe and what it deems to be right at the right time.

This is one example of how I have changed my tunnel visioned thinking old patterns and adopted more of a “Chess Players” way of thinking. I weigh up every different perspective that can arise out of that certain situation and then go for the one that is appropriate for that scenario, at that time and the one that feels right for me.

This perspective is much better than the old one.

So maybe you should also have a go. The next time your are to make a decision or process a thought, take your initial one and put it to one side. Think of all of the other variable scenario’s that could arise from this same decision or thought. Once you have weighted them all up, is your choice the same as you would have selected the first time around? If so, you are on track and your thought process is aligned. If it is different, take different perspectives into account from now on. Learn more about yourself.

The Eden Project

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