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Fantastic Article From Mike George – Don’t COMPARE.COM and You Won’t be CONFUSED.COM!

All of what Mike George says makes complete sense to me. Everytime I read something of his, I gain a deeper understanding. This particular article is great. This is what we need to teach our young and old. Here is a little taster. The full document is ATTACHED HERE.

Comparing ourselves with others is a deep and often subtle conditioning in a world where ‘people watching’ has become, for many, a daily obsession. As we watch, we compare, as we compare, we desire, and as we desire we lose our ability to be content with where we are and what we have. Someone else’s life always look better than ‘my life’, someone else’s success always seems much greater than any success I may achieve and someone else’s future always seems to look much rosier than my future. These thought patterns are fatal to our well-being and over time can paralyse our ability to think clearly for ourselves.

All you need to do to get this FREE and lovely information is to go to Mike’s website and sign up for his newsletter.

The Wonderfully Knowledgeable Mike George…


I had not heard of Mike George until I went to a talk he gave recently, organised by the Brahma Kumaris. I have since then spoken to quite a few people who also admire his work so I have decided to dedicate this post to Mike.

The talk was about how we need to live in the present, not the past and not planning the future…the now. I was very impressed with his words and wisdom and gained a lot from that talk. Mike is a successful Author, public speaker and he runs Awareness retreats.

Mike George


Mike has a great website with lots of free information and advice on how to be free and live your live well. I subscribe to his mailing list and get some really useful emails through.  5000 people already subscribe. If you want to, click here. Well worth it. Lots of good information on there. And it’s all free.



Mike’s Books include titles such as:

I haven’t read any of his books yet but judging by what I thought of him when I met him and after reading his newsletters, I would certainly not hesitate to recommend his work.

Light Up The World

images11I went to a talk on this subject last week in Oxford, given by Rose Kelly and came away beaming! I will summarise what Rose talked about and what I learned. The blue bits are my comments. The rest is pretty much what Rose said in her talk.

Do you realise your inner treasures? Ask yourself – what inner treasures do I possess?

For me, mine are my instinct, my intuition, my love – giving to others and to myself and finally my ability to heal others and release their tensions by massage or just talking to them.

With the light of understanding, our mind grows and we gain a broader and deeper understanding – this leads us to become aware of our hidden depths = awareness. You experience a freedom and a sense of expansion when you look at your inner treasures.

You can liberate yourself through your creativity. You can free yourself through your thinking. This is what perception is all about – who am I and what am I doing?

Examining my motivations cultivates my freedom (I love this bit.)

I maybe incarcerated but in my mind, I’m free.

I maybe physically fit but how fit am I in my mind?

I know inside me is the key to unlock the wisdom that is there. Once you tap into this, you feel contented. There is an abundance of love and light there. The more you use, the more you get. The feeling spreads. I feel in tune with myself.

The awareness of the self gets shadowed by all of the stuff going on outside. This leads to a clouding of judgement because it moves me away from my inside.

Meditation is best when you have a restless mind because you actually recognise what you feel.

Don’t be a thorn, be a rose. Ask yourself regularly – am I a rose today or a thorn?

When I start to be happy on the inside, I start to smile from the outside and this starts to spread. You can actually be spiritually contagious!  (I love that!)

When you are in a state of aliveness, your eyes sparkle and you smile. When I am so in tune with my inner, nothing can stop that. This is real power – you generate it. It’s not distorted.

 Have your inner eye open – be internally focused.

Most of the time, what’s really bothering me has nothing to do with me.

(Gopi Gill taught me this – when you have something bothering you, place it into one of the following categories:

1) is it Gods problem? For example, the weather, climate change, politicians being exposed for swindling money out of the government.

2) is it someone else’s problem – that you have taken on board. For example your friend’s husband is treating her badly, or your mother is trying to coherse you to get married like in my case!! Or…

3) is it your problem? Is it directly affecting you? For example, you have found a lump or you are depressed.

Try and approach any issues with this analogy. If they stem from the first 2 points, you cannot do anything about them. Let them go. Lighten the load on your shoulders and get on with your life. Unfortunately we all take on other people’s stuff and that can bring us down. For the second point, I’m not being callous. I’m saying be there for your others, advise them but acknowledge that this is their problem and only they can find their solution.

Back to the talk….ask yourself – what is my vision like towards me, my family, life, the world?

Become this beam of light and become beyond the pull of anything physical. This bit for me is essential.

Going from a thorn day to a rose day:

Recognise that the thorn is there because I’ve not noticed something in myself. What’s going on? Go inside. Stop pretending there isn’t anything there. Talk to yourself, ask what is it and write down any information you gain.

Then, change your scene, get out of the situation, change your perspective. Get advice. Ask yourself  ‘how can I shed light on this situation?’ Expand not Contract. This process shows me where I need to heal.

And that’s it. A great talk on how to Lighten Up Your World.

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