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A Natural Treatment for Toothache or Aching Gums

My Mum always told us to use cloves with a toothache. You tuck one or more if you can handle it into the side of your mouth where the pain is.


More recently, my friend Kamal told me about clove oil – which is better because it is more concentrated. You can just rub a bit onto the painful area. It really works.

I regrettably had my 4 wisdom teeth out in one go and this stuff saved me.

“The germicidal properties of the oil make it very effective for relieving dental pain, tooth ache, sore gums and mouth ulcers. Clove oil contains the compound eugenol, which has been used in dentistry since numerous years. Gargles with diluted clove oil help in easing the throat. The characteristic smell of clove oil helps removing bad breath. As a result, clove oil is added to numerous dental products and medications, including, mouth washes, and tooth pastes. Dentists also mix clove oil with zinc oxide and prepare a white filling material as a temporary alternative to root canal.”

It also has many other benefits – lots are listed on the Organic Facts website where the information above was also taken from.

You can buy clove oil from your local ethnic store as well as many places sell online. I buy mine from a brand called Niharti.  


Wonderful Superfoods That Nourish You #4 The Karela……….

www.tropicalfruitandveg.co.ukI’m quite proud of myself today. I made a Karela curry for the first time in years using a totally different method than I usually would. I grated it with onions, garlic, potatoes and spices – turmeric, cumin, ajowain, Curry leaves, masala etc.

For those of you who don’t know, the karela or bitter gourd or bitter melon (and yes it is bitter!) is a wonderful vegetable with many health benefits:

Nutrition Benefits of Eating Bitter Gourd 

  • Bitter gourd has been associated with lowering sugar levels in people suffering from diabetes.
  • Bitter gourd is said to be helpful in fighting against cancer and a number of infections.
  • Bitter gourd has been known to provide relief from constipation and is also effective in the treatment of psoriasis.
  • Bitter gourd helps in improving circulation and in turn, generates slimming effects on the body.
  • Regular consumption of bitter gourd has been associated with prevention as well as treatment of hypertension.
  • Bitter gourd is believed to be helpful in preventing eye complications, apart from treating neuritis.
  • The juice of the leaf of bitter gourd plant has been found to be beneficial in the treatment of alcoholism.
  • The essential vitamins and minerals present in bitter gourd help in treating defective metabolism of carbohydrates.
  • The bitter tonic properties of bitter gourd have made it effective as a blood purifier.
  • Fresh juice of bitter gourd is good for patients suffering from piles.

www.dreamstime.comSometimes you have to put taste aside and eat for health benefits. Although it didn’t taste so bad with yogurt and chapatis.

I hated them as a kid but kind of like them now.

By they way if you are really good, you can always juice them and drink the liquid. Its really hard to do but you can get used to it. I have done it a few times. You need something sweet next to you so you can have that straight after. It is bitter!

Stomach or digestion problems?

For those of you who suffer from acid reflux, indigestion, discomfort etc, there are many great alternatives than to reach for the chalky pink substance advertised on TV.

There are many reasons why these conditions occur – too much food, too much oil or fat, too many spices etc.


Watch your food portions. Are you eating too much and then feeling uncomfortable afterwards? If so, look at the amount you eat. You feel like this because your digestive system cannot handle the amount of food intake and has to work hard to break everything down. Your blood and bile are working hard to digest your food so you feel uncomfortable and lethargic.Eat with the size of your stomach in mind and not your eyes. This is something that took me ages to grasp. I didn’t realise how little food I needed.

Watch your cooking processes. Reduce fats and use variable methods like steaming, boiling etc. Or even better, keep a section of your plate for raw foods like salads and vegetables. Things like mushrooms, spinach, green beans, onions, garlic (if you can handle it) tomatoes, cucumber, radish, salad leaves, herbs etc are beautiful when eaten raw. After some practice, I have got used to the taste of raw garlic. I finely chop a clove and sprinkle it on the raw food on my plate and have no problems eating it. In fact I actually now enjoy the flavour – something I never thought I would. It also makes my teeth feel cleaner afterwards. I can’t quite explain this one! 

-Try not to have too much water/liquid with your meal. Your body secretes fluids to aid your digestion process and flooding them with liquids interferes with this process. So either drink 30 minutes before your meal or after your meal. Give bile and the other digestive juices a chance to go in and breakdown your food.

Ajawain or also known as Bishop’s Weed – is a great herb by many people in the East. You chew on about half a teaspoon of it after a meal. Within 10 minutes or so, I feel my food going down further and the discomfort lessens.

www.yogaguider.com/vajrasana.phpYoga Posture – Vajrasana. My friend Rucha told me about this one. It is very simple to do. After a meal, sit on the floor in the position pictured. 

In the process of Vajrasana, one should keep the heels together and should possibly keep his spine erected. The shoulder and neck joints should be relaxed. The breathing pattern should be slow, deep, rhythmic and relaxed.

The advantages are that:

  • This Asana helps digestion and eliminates gas trouble.
  • This is the only asana, which, if practiced immediately after meals, stimulated digestion.  

(Taken from the book – Yoga, Yogasana and Pranayama for Health by Dr P D Sharma.)

-Essential oils from herbs such as peppermint, fennel, anise, cinnamon and ginger are a natural way to ease digestive symptoms from indigestion to constipation.

Read more: “Essential Oils Aid Digestion: Treat Heartburn, Acid, Stomach Ache, Diarrhea, Food Poisoning | Suite101.com” – http://naturalmedicine.suite101.com/article.cfm/essential_oils_aid_digestion#ixzz0GqXxjWS1&A

So don’t just put up with it. Read up, get aware and get through it.

Can you give yourself an effective massage?

Of course you can. I remember when I used to stay with my Grandparents when I was younger, that they would each massage themselves. My Grandpa had pain in his legs and arms so he would heat up some Almond or Mustard oil and give himself a massage. My Grandma would do the same but more with her legs and head. This was something they did every night to ease the pain in turn for a good night’s sleep.

My Grandma would also massage my neck at times when I had a sore throat or cough. She had a wonderful technique using her thumbs to apply pressure but not too hard.

I sometimes massage my neck, head, fingers, feet or any other part that is feeling a bit sore. I usually feel instant relief.

Here are a few clips to get you on your way – these are really good ones:

Neck Massage by Angela Joyce, Fitness Instructor

This is a clip from Tarni showing a Destress Face and Head Massage

This is Debalzar Massaging the Arms & Hands. Take note of how he uses his body to support the parts he is massaging.

There are plently more examples on You Tube.



The Brahma Kumaris do offer great workshops that are around subjects that many people need some help in.

Being a charity, they are heavily reliant on donations so if you attend an event, please give generously so that they can continue their good work and reach out to many others.

This Self Esteem workshop will help you:

Learn simple techniques to help create sustainable self-worth and enjoy more positive and healthy relationships, with ourselves and others.

Two part seminar from 2pm to 530pm.

  • Part 1 Saturday 20th June
  • Part 2 Saturday 27th June

If you know anyone who can benefit, please forward this post on. Unfortunately there are too many people who really suffer from a lack of self esteem and it affects their lives hugely. This is a great chance to start looking into it. Face it and try to deal with it in order to move on and be more confident and happier in yourself. 




Yet another FREE talk delivered by the Brahma Kumaris.

All of us need nurturing. Where and how to get it, now that’s the question!

Thursday 11th June


At the Global Retreat Centre, Oxford

National Federation of Spiritual Healers (NFSH)…..


I discovered the NFSH at the MBS Festival in London this weekend. I was instantly attracted as they are another great organisation who do not charge any fees as they are a charity but rely on donations – so if you decide to use them, please give what you can so that they can continue to help others.

Here’s what they do:

Spiritual Healing is a natural energy therapy that complements conventional medicine by treating the whole person – mind, body and spirit. Spiritual Healers act as a conduit for healing energy, often described as ‘love and light’ which relaxes the body, releases tensions and stimulates self-healing. The benefits of healing can be felt on many levels, as well as the physical, and the effects can be profound.

I sat down with a charming young lady (I wish I had gotten her name but I didn’t!) who started by describing what she would do. She mentioned that she would realign my energies via a spiritual healing method without touching me and at the end, place her hands on my feet. I said ok and she began. This experience was similar to that Jyorei Healing session described in an earlier post. I could feel her doing her work, bits of my body loosening up, me letting go of stuff, everything being realigned. The best bit was at the end when she placed her hands on my feet. It was like a homecoming feeling. Everything suddenly became more clearer and felt better. This was a truly wonderful experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. I felt lighter, a bit chirpier and again like the Jyorei experience, slept really well that night and have done so ever since.

NFSH have been around since 1954/5 and there is tons of wonderful information on their website. For those of you who are interested, you can also train to be a Healer with them.  

What I found to be amazing is that they are recognised by the National Health Service in the UK and carry out their practices throughout the UK in hospitals. I didn’t think the NHS were ready for this but I was wrong.

They have a Healing Centre pretty much in every region in the UK and Northern Ireland.

This is another great service that I would not hesitate to recommend – very worthwhile whether you have certain issues that need some attention or just a regular alignment.


Why is it that when there are atrocities/plane crashes/natural disasters etc that we are always told by our news teams how many people died in terms of their nationality? Ie “of those who died, there were 5 British people, 6 Danes and 2 Americans.”

Who cares what nationality they were. The point is that people died. It doesn’t matter what colour or creed they were.

At a soul level, we are all the same. On a human level, we breathe the same. If you cut any of us, we bleed the same.

I believe this creates further divisions between us. In these situations, we should mourn our losses as a whole not as some people do through how many of “theirs” they lost.

We should unite as humans not segregate ourselves.

I am an equalitarian. We are all the same, at the same level. The only one who is superior is God/Higher Power. No man or woman on earth is more superior to any other. I also believe that titles are a bad thing. They create connotations and preconceptions and distance us from total equality.

Ok, I’ve realised I’m ranting. Hopefully you get my point on this. I’m ranting because I feel strongly about this!

www.consciousfood.co.uk – Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Guilt Free Power Snacks…..

This was another stall at the Mind Body Spirit Festival that I was impressed by at the weekend.


Conscious Food has been around for over 10 years now and produce wonderful snacks whilst supporting some projects in India where they source all of their raw materials from. This is a typically admirable example of how an organisation exists to help a village in India by empowering the local people with jobs and therefore putting something back into the environment. This section of their website really impressed me. Real Hand To Mouth Work.


Their leaflet will tell you that they produce: “Just pure, unrefined, natural ingredients handmade in small batches with love and care. Concious Food is dedicated to providing the highest quality of food, in as natural a form as possible. We support the small farmners in India and trade fairly to benefit the local communities.”



I sampled some Sesame Soya Sticks with the dip on the table which were scrumpcious.

How Fab is this?

Thanks to John O’Shaughnessy from Moon Dragon for introducing me to this – Playing For Change: Song Around The World ” Don’t Worry”

A Natural Deodorant………..

My friend Stu and I were having a conversation recently and he made a distinction that I had not yet realised.  An Antiperspirant is a substance applied to prevent you from sweating. So it basically blocks your sweat glands so that nothing comes out. A Deodorant can be to either mask or suppress body odours. I had always thought they were the same thing.

Now there have been studies to suggest that there is a link between antiperspirants and cancer (put antiperspirant link to cancer into a search engine for further reading). I have to say, after reading these, I do agree. You are meant to sweat. Your body needs to release and remove its toxins and poisons. Sweat needs to come out of the body in the same way that we have to urinate and excrete. I totally believe this. So applying anything to prevent this natural process is keeping these toxins inside your body where they have ample opportunity to cause havoc. Think about it. It makes sense.

I have been thinking about giving up deodorant for a while now and have been looking for an alternative.

I was in Cornwall recently and discovered Cornish Soapcakes who produce a natural deodorant. It smells beautifully fresh, tangy and zesty and does the job.   It contains: Shea Butter Coconut Oil, Bicarbonate of Soda, Fullers Earth, Witch Hazel, Lemongrass, Grapefruit and Geranium Essential Oil. That’s all. No nasties.

Cornish Soapcakes

I spoke to the lovely Carol Allen who owns Cornish Soapcakes recently. She mentioned that her website should be up and running very soon. In the meantime, if you would like to purchase the deodorant, you can either call her on +44 (0) 1579 343926 or email her on londoncari@hotmail.com

Its costs £5.90 which I think is quite reasonable for what you are getting.

Carol also mentioned that it is fine or pregnant women and those who are breast feeding.

There are other products similar to this out there on the market but I really like this one!

Wonderful Music by Sacred Earth…


Prem & Jethro are the creators of Sacred Earth Music. Prem does the vocals and Jethrow plays most of the various instruments on the tracks and is sometimes assisted by Guest Artists.

I met Prem from Sacred Earth at the MBS Festival in London at the weekend also. She has a beautiful warm charachter and infectious smile. She kindly gave me one of their CD’s – The Way Home. I really like it.

Sacred Earth create music for inner peace. Its slow and calming. I personally love the Indian Bansuri Flute. They use some interesting instruments too. This is great music to meditate to or just chillax to (Chill out + relax. A term created by my mate Rachel!)

I did promise Prem that I would upload a sample track for you guys but my laptop won’t allow me to. Luckily for me, they have some on their website.  Click here to be directed to some samples of their music. (If I get the problem fixed, I’ll add it at a later stage.)

They tour all over the world so if you can go and see them, do. You can also buy their CD’s from their Online Store.



Ni-Ma – The Ethereally Active Bed Linen….

I never could have tough that this kind of thing existed but when you think about it…why not? Symbolism has been recognised for years as a healer and energy raiser. Why not add it to bed linen.

Ni-Ma is a German company who produce bed linen with symbols designs that offer the sleeper an undisturbed rest on the fine material level. Especialy the so-called New Children as well as people who are sensitive to subtle energies who will soon appreciate the benefits of the bed linen.  (Taken from a leaflet produced by Ni-Ma.) Do take a look at their website as it explains so much more and in further detail.

Not really knowing what to expect, I had a long chat with Nicole, whose idea this was and Matthias, the MD. Once I knew the concept, I sat down in a chair and held a pillow dressed with one of the Ni-Ma cases over it. I was asked to repeat a sentence given to me three times and then just relax. About 30 seconds later, I could feel the energy coming through. It was warm and comforting.

A very good idea I thought. For anyone who is interested in learning more, please send an email to info@ni-ma.de or call them on +49 (0) 511 80 77 121.

They produce four designs at the moment although Nicole told me there are more on the way.


Happiness is every individuals birth right. So if you haven’t felt it recently, claim yours today.


Fabulous Hand Carved Acupressure Massage Tools……


Yet another great stall at the MBS Festival in London at the weekend was this one. Moon Dragon sell tools that are hand carved and made in India. They are all made from Neem Wood.

Acupressure for those of you who do not know, is a combination of Acupuncture and Pressure. You can heal yourself from many ailments by this technique as well as use it as a preventative measure.

I have seem many of these tools already either at my Grandparents house or at my Mums. People in the East have been using these tools for thousands of years. I remember my Grandfather made a stick like tool for my Mum and all of his other children to help with foot reflexology. These are very common objects in lots of Asian homes. 

Pada 3

Many of these tools can be intergrated into daily life. For example, you can easily just roll your feet on a Pada 3 whilst sitting on our sofa watching TV. At the same time you will be benefiting from some wonderful Acupressure.

Ribbed Hand Tool

They also sell wholesale for all of your practitioners out there.

What is also great news is that Moon Dragon operate on a Free Trade Policy Agreement helping people in India.

ToolkitMoon Dragon produce tools for Arms & Legs, Hands & Fingers, Back & Torso, Anti-Cellulite Tools and ones for the Head & Shoulders. The benefits of using these tools include: assisting in stimulating the reflexes, give added force & capability of fingers, provide more strength for the hands, increase endurance and dexterity, give more power to revitalise reflex points, aid with treatment proficiency, stimulate healing energy, are wonderfully invigorating, benefit lymph flow, renew stimulation, help stop pain, boost energy, help speed recovery, reduce stress and tension, revitalise circulation and improve sleep and relaxation. (Info taken for a lealet produced by Moon Dragon)

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