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Self Loving…………

www.3ho.orgYogi Bhajan was a wonderful Sikh man who worked tirelessly to spread the message of not only Sikhism, but also peace and love. Many people all over the world follow his teachings through his foundation 3hO – Healthy, Happy, Holy Organisation. He was a clear cut man who as they say – would shoot from the hip. The last line from below will confirm this!

Yogi Bhajan Singh

Here is a lovely meditation from him:

Affirmation for Self Love Sit straight. Place your right hand on your heart and say, “My heart, I love you.” Place your hands on your eyes and say, “My eyes, I love you.” Then on the top of your head and say, “My head, I love you.” And next, at the navel point and say, “I love you.” And lastly on both your knees, and say, “I love you.” If you pay a little bit of attention to yourself and show love to yourself you will find yourself different. You have been taught to hate everything, and that what you do not hate will eat you up. This is your most stupid behavior.

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What is it about sacred places?

golden-temple-750A couple of years ago, I went to The Golden Temple in Amritsar, where Sikhism was first born. It was my first time in India and I remember being in the hustle and bustle of the markets outside. There was so much noise; so many people trying to attract my attention to buy their various goods. I had a headache from it all! I walked past the site of  Jallianvala Bag and my heart felt for all those that died here.

It was also an unbearingly hot day. I remember feeling all of these emotions as I got onto the steps to enter Sri Hamandir Sahib/The Golden Temple. I walked up on the hot marble and as I reached the top, everything suddenly stopped. The only sound I could hear was the religious songs being sung in the temple. I was immediately overwhelmed by what I saw and felt. The nearest thing I can describe it to is sanctuary or a coming home kind of feeling. I felt like I was meant to be there. I walked around with my Grandparents trying to absorb as many views as I could of this magnificent place. There has to be something in it. My 5 senses couldn’t comprehend it but my soul could.

There are many places in this beautiful world that give us this feeling. This is a great site that explores many more of these Sacred Places.

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