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Quote from probably one of the best books I have ever read….

And it’s a free ebook – The Business You Were Born To Create by Nick Williams. See http://www.inspired-entrepreneur.com/ for your free copy)



The Colour of Flowers…..

Beautiful quote delivered by the wonderful Brahma Kumaris – http://www.brahmakumaris.org

Leave worries aside and you will be surprised by the beauty of the sky and the colour of flowers, of the freshness of the breeze and the generosity of the sun. You will feel you are part of creation, and life will start to make sense. The greatest wealth is to appreciate what we have and what we are.

And here are some images I took whilst doing just that in Richmond Park – my favourite place.

2012-07-12 14.50.14

 2012-07-12 14.53.19 2012-07-12 14.57.09 2012-07-12 15.00.30 2012-07-12 14.55.03 2012-07-12 14.50.14

Beautiful Mandalas……

I didn’t even know what a Mandala was so I looked it up. Here it is in case you don’t know. They are diagrams for focussing the mind – perhaps for peace or meditation practice.

I found these on a site called Subtlebody Images. Marilyn from the site offers the ones I have uploaded here free to share and these are below in the slide-show. However, there are some great interactive and moving ones (that remind me of a kaleidoscope) that are totally beautiful. I went through lots of these like an excited child with a new toy! Hope you enjoy as much as I did. If you go onto the home page, they are listed on the right under MANDALAS.

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Happiness by John Lennon….

The Great Illusion…

Ok so you need to take some time out if you want to do this. This is a beautiful piece of work. I personally really liked this and it was worth spending the time to go through it.

All you have to do is click on the link and enjoy – The Great Illusion


The Power of Human Sexuality……

Certain establishments will have you believe this is all wrong and that this is dirty, but this is fear based.

They don’t want you to experience this joining together with cosmic consciousness because then, they have no control.

You are free to experience all of this with someone who you deem appropriate for you and visa versa. This is not wrong.

It is a gift to us and it costs nothing.

2012 Year of Power…

By Lee Harris

I just watched this and found it very relevent. I would certainly agree:

Beautiful Quote from the Dalai Lama…

The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes……


Not sure if any of you have seen this – certainly worth watching. Children are very astute. They should be given more credit……

Anyone know about Conscious TV?

I discovered this recently. Some brilliant footage on here:

conscious TV



Have you heard of Tony Samara?

If not- take a look –

Click for Tony’s website

“I believe that we live at a very crucial moment in humanity’s transformation and I want you to move beyond the old paradigm and discover your power, your freedom.

I believe we are at a point of such transformation that we can no longer wait for someone else, or something else. I believe that we are creators and that everyone here is equal and part of that creation. I believe that God doesn’t live somewhere outside, that the Divine, meaning intelligence, freedom, is everywhere. You, me, we are connected.

I believe that we have to put things into practice. We can’t just sit and watch television or watch life, or watch a relationship and hope it gets better or wait for it to change.

I challenge you to step away from the sofa, where it is comfortable to watch TV, and to participate. It is a wonderful thing when we realize that we have this power, which is not of the ego, but is wisdom.”

Tony Samara

Excerpt from Yoga and the Path of the Urban Mystic about the Ego…….

I would like to share this with you – I found this really interesting. I highly recommend reading this book. I learned loads.

“the ego can be very clever at making us think we need all sorts of things that we don’t, and these things do nothing but distract us from our innate sense of peace and contentment. It is this on which so much of our economy is built. Although we are told we live in a capitalistic society, we really live under commercialism. In capitalism, people produce buy and sell products based on supply and demand. The demand part of the equation is supposed to be about need.

Under commercialism, the same equation is used, but consumers are made to think they need things that they really don’t. This causes them to work harder, spend more and earn less. This dynamic not only serves large corporations, but it also serves the egos.

The ego loves to keep us looking for peace in places where we will not find it. As long as you believe you can find peace in a faster car or a better stereo system, you will continue to look for peace but never find it. When you do this, you are damning yourself to a life of wondering in the dark, feeling around for something that is not there.”

Taken from:

An old Indian Mantra………

I got this from Mahabharat – something my Dad used to watch. Its a very old series to teach on morality and principals.

The Swan Flies On Two Wings

The Wing Of Knowledge and

The Wing Of Action

If It Only Had One Wing, It Would Be Of No Use

Beause Flight Would Be Impossibe

“How do we practice presence around difficult parents?”

Ram Dass once said, “If you think you’re so enlightened spend two weeks with your parents.” Eckhart helps us practice presence with mom and dad.

I personally found this a great help for me right now………..

Chakra Meditation Balancing & Healing……..

Just did this….liked it….wantd to share……….

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