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It’s all about your perspective…..

As I am getting older and wiser, I am realising that all situations are really about how you perceive them. You have a real choice to look at things in one of a multitude of ways.

I call this 7 spectrum thinking because I always think there are usually at least 7 ways of looking at one scenario…..just as when you look into a 7 spectrum prism, you see 7 beautiful colours.

For example, I hate my job can also be seen as:

  1. I get paid so that I can eat, have shelter and the luxuries I have
  2. I have a job – there are many who do not and are struggling
  3. I have some nice friends at work
  4. I am appreciated by Joanne in Finance – she always thanks me for delivering my report in time
  5. I make people in my office smile at least once a day
  6. I’m utilising my education, gifts, talents etc and being challenged
  7. This job is giving me the experience I need to enhance in my career

So the next time you find yourself speaking negatively about someone or something, think to yourself that there is another way, in fact there are several other ways. In doing so, you lighten the burden on your heart and get a little closer to inner peace.

Living In Your Nature, by Mike George………

Here is an excerpt from Mike George’s weekly Newsletter that I subscribe to. I totally understand what Mike is saying. I definitly had the “its them not me” problem for years before I took a really hard look at myself with dissapointment with what I had become. But then you have to go through the rough to get to the smooth in this life!


The absence of peace in our life is demonstrated by the number of ways that we search, usually in vain, to alleviate the stresses and strains of modern living.  If inner peace was present in our life we would likely travel less, eat less, shop less, work less, struggle less, talk less and think less.  In some cases ‘less’ might, for short periods, become not at all!  Such are some of the ways that we search for peace.  It is a huge breakthrough moment when the penny drops, and we realise inner peace is generated from within and that no achievement or accumulation of anything ‘more’ from any source outside can induce it.  It is also a moment when peace is recognised as the power in the engine of our life.   It is the very ground of our being and just as buildings are only built on solid foundations so we cannot build a truly stable and happy life unless we find the power of our inner peace.


You calm your mind down with Meditation. It can be as basic as just breathing slowly and letting go. No matter how deep you choose to go in, you will always benefit from it and come out refreshed.

Whether you are new to meditation or have done it before, these are great, peaceful sessions. The Brahma Kumaries international site has these six:

The best way to go through these is to find somewhere quite where you are comfortable and at the right temperature. You can sit in any position you like, eyes open or closed. Try different ways and you will soon come to realise what works for you. And just listen to the meditation. If your mind wonders, that’s ok. Bring it back as soon as you are conscious that you have drifted.

For many of us, not taking care of our minds can be very detrimental. So it’s worth investing in your mind even for just a few minutes to a few hours a day. Out of 24 hours in the day, take a bit out for you. Even if you are just sitting in silence observing your breathing pattern. You will receive some amazing solace.

Anyone can meditate, from a child to a senior person. Kids benefit really well from it because they are not afraid to try it. They just let go and have a wonderful experience.

There are many CD’s you can buy if you struggle to get with how to meditate. Just go into any search engine and add “meditation CD” and go through the list. As mentioned before, Anne Jones has some great ones on her CD’s.  

Good luck!


A Few of the Teachings from Buddhism

To start with, I want to just say a bit about religion. I was born as Sikh and will be one until the day I die. I am comfortable with the teachings of Sikhism. I don’t practice it on a day to day basis but understand it’s teachings and implement them into my daily life.

41yx2t8cp7l__sl500_aa240_Having said this, other faiths fascinate me and there are many that I enjoy looking into. Buddhism is one of these and I would like to share some of these teachings with you. The reason I have stated the above is because you don’t need to covert to/fully practice a religion to take on board it’s teachings, at least that is my opinion.

I have a book called The Little Book of Buddha and these extracts have been taken from that. It sums up a lot of what I talk about on Auranics.

“Self reflection is an essential endeavor for us all. It is through such reflection that we may achieve a union with the Ultimate Reality – that is, a state of intense sensitivity and awareness by which we can experience the power within us in harmony with the elements around us. Such gratification is far from instant, but the broadened perspective that comes from enlightenment can ultimately yield a happiness that far exceeds the fleeting pleasure of the “quick fixes” that we have all come to rely upon.

Humans are remarkable creatures, innately capable of achieving a transcendent state of calm lucidity through a focused regimen of reflection. We already have the power within us to create our own thriving sanctuary. Every single one of us is able to embrace our potential by practicing the fundamental tenets of Buddhism. By understanding the Buddha’s approach to life, we are able to look inwards as well as outward and nurture a lifestyle conducive to achieving a state of ultimate freedom known as Nirvana. Nirvana is a state in which we can successfully detach ourselves from the trappings of craving and seemingly insatiable desire, and yet still experience the power of our five senses.

The study of Buddhism is one journey that you must begin at your own speed, and continue at your own pace – an appetising respite from the general hurry of Western life. It is a journey inwards towards the very core of one’s existence and a path toward a state of supreme inner peace. It is an essential passage for all sentiment beings, and it is never too late, or early to begin.”

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