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Fabulous Hand Carved Acupressure Massage Tools……


Yet another great stall at the MBS Festival in London at the weekend was this one. Moon Dragon sell tools that are hand carved and made in India. They are all made from Neem Wood.

Acupressure for those of you who do not know, is a combination of Acupuncture and Pressure. You can heal yourself from many ailments by this technique as well as use it as a preventative measure.

I have seem many of these tools already either at my Grandparents house or at my Mums. People in the East have been using these tools for thousands of years. I remember my Grandfather made a stick like tool for my Mum and all of his other children to help with foot reflexology. These are very common objects in lots of Asian homes. 

Pada 3

Many of these tools can be intergrated into daily life. For example, you can easily just roll your feet on a Pada 3 whilst sitting on our sofa watching TV. At the same time you will be benefiting from some wonderful Acupressure.

Ribbed Hand Tool

They also sell wholesale for all of your practitioners out there.

What is also great news is that Moon Dragon operate on a Free Trade Policy Agreement helping people in India.

ToolkitMoon Dragon produce tools for Arms & Legs, Hands & Fingers, Back & Torso, Anti-Cellulite Tools and ones for the Head & Shoulders. The benefits of using these tools include: assisting in stimulating the reflexes, give added force & capability of fingers, provide more strength for the hands, increase endurance and dexterity, give more power to revitalise reflex points, aid with treatment proficiency, stimulate healing energy, are wonderfully invigorating, benefit lymph flow, renew stimulation, help stop pain, boost energy, help speed recovery, reduce stress and tension, revitalise circulation and improve sleep and relaxation. (Info taken for a lealet produced by Moon Dragon)

Reflexology – a great ancient, proven theory for healing

200822911454165677801I am a huge fan of healing yourself naturally. I believe 100% that there is a natural cure to anything anyone is or has been going through. I believe nature over the pharmaceutical, so called “conventional” methodologies any day. Maybe it’s because I am Indian and my parents brought me up to believe in this and as I grew older, and did my own research and made a decision to carry this way of thinking on.

Anyway, I have looked into Reflexology and really admire it’s teachings. Reflexology is a non medical form of treatment in which specific spots on the surface of the body, usually the soles or the palms, are methodically pressed with a view to suitably influencing the internal organs of the body. Alternatively, Reflexology can be defined as a science of stimulating points (usually on the soles or the palms) which have a correspondence or a link with the internal organs of the body. (Extract taken from the book illustrated by Dr Dhiren Gala. This book is really worth getting – it costs a few £’s and is written and researched thoroughly. I would highly recommend it – based on content and cost.)

It makes sense – all of our nerves and bodily systems are interlinked so stimulation of these points can alleviate pain, heal and prevent disease/illness.

Reflexology was prevalent in India and China almost 5000 years ago. It was also found to have been practiced by the Egyptians where a picture was found in the tomb of Ankhmahar – the King’s Physician at Saqquara in Egypt was found. The tomb is estimated to be around 4500 years old.

-Dr Ball of Leipzig, Germany published a booklet describing treatment of organs through pressure points.

-US President W. Garfield was able to alleviate the pains he had, following an assassination attempt by applying pressure to various points in his feet. Painkillers gave him no relief.

I found a great website Healthy Soles School where the founder has dedicated her life to teaching and practicing reflexology. She has written a great piece on the History of Reflexology in chronological order. This is a great solution that has been practiced for many years across many parts of the world.

I remember my Grandad made a small stick, the shape and size of like your middle finger and gave one to all of his children. He said this was a tool for reflexology. So you could sit in a chair, cross your leg over and use the stick to stimulate your pressure points. Great idea!

You can also buy many other products that you can roll your feet on, stand on etc so that your pressure points are stimulated.






Anyone can practice reflexology in it’s simplest form. I recommend that you do some background reading so that you understand the techniques and what to look out for. Then get comfortable and get started. Start from the top of your hands or feet and push on every possible point a couple of times before moving on to the space next to it. If one point is sore, spend more time on it, push it a few more times and alleviate the pressure. Look up what part of the body that point was and work towards healing it. Below are the 2 charts for hands and feet. It makes sense really. That’s where all of our nerve endings are too.  

If you do go and see a practitioner, make sure they are qualified and feel free to ask them about their training and experience. It can be quite expensive as you will probably need a few sessions. You may even decide to use this therapy as a preventative to illness and disease. I have been to see Gopi Gill for Journey Work but I do know that she is a qualified reflexologist and good at what she does. She is worth calling if you are in the Harrow/London area.

Thanks for the pictures


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