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Muse – The Resistance – Uprising

A wonderful song by Muse

A Natural Cure For Eczema………..

Juice Diet For Perfect HealthTaken from the book Juice Diet for Perfect Health by Dr D R Gala, De Dhiran Gala and Dr Sanjay Gala – a fantastic book that I have.

“Take a mixture of juices of carrot and spinach with the juice of mixed leafy vegetables. Juice of potato, papaya and watermelon can also be taken. Besides that, potato juice may be rubbed externally on the affected skin.”

Thought of The Day…….

As ever from www.bkwsu.org

If you consider the gifts you have received in life to be given in trust, you will have great value for them and will use them wisely and generously.

FREE TALK – Inner Power & Protection Conversation: 24.09.09 @ 730pm, Oxfordshire

I would highly recommend this talk to anyone. I’ll be there.

Experiencing Inner Power & Protection Series

Build Resilience, Focus Your Mind, Relax Your Heart

A conversation and experiential evening with Manda Patel and Mike George

Every day, people rely on their inner strength and courage to make difficult choices in life, perhaps finding an experience of strength and protection that is beyond their perceived capacity. 

How do we harness this inner strength?  What effect do these experiences have on our own lives and the lives of those around us?  Can some of these experiences be attributed to Divine protection?  If so, how do we access it?

Mike George is an author, motivational speaker and teacher of meditation and spiritual development for over 20 years.  His publications include Learn to Relax, The 7 AHA’s of Highly Enlightened Souls, In the Light of Meditation and Don’t Get Mad Get Wise.

Manda Patel Director of the Global Retreat Centre in Oxford, began her spiritual studies in London 27 years ago and has since become a well known figure on the world speaker’s circuit where she lectures on values and spiritual development in everyday life.

Thursday 24 Sep 7:30 to 9:00pm
At The Global Retreat Centre



The Global Retreat Centre
Nuneham Park, Nuneham Courtenay, Oxford, OX44 9PG
T: 01865 343551, F: 01865 343576

W: http://www.globalretreatcentre.org
E: info@globalretreatcentre.org



FREE TALK – Intuition in Action – The Secret To Understanding 29.09.09 @ 430pm London


Intuition In Action

 www.bkwsu.orgThe Secret To Understanding

Have you ever had a hunch that something was about to  happen and to your surprise, it did? 

Have you ever had ‘gut feelings’, a strong sense of ‘knowing’ that something was true without a specific reason but you ended up
being right?  That’s your intuition. 

No matter what it’s called, intuition plays a part in our lives everyday.  Your intuition ‘knows’ what you need and what to do.
Every single one of us has this inner resource, but most of us are cut off from listening to this inner guide.
Discover how to:
access your intuition, feel, hear and see intuitively
Follow your gut feeling with more confidence:
‘understand’ yourself and other people more accurately
develop it further for practical use in your everyday life and have fun  with it!

Date: 20/09/2009   4.30pm – 6.00pm
Venue:  The Urdang, The Old Finsbury Town Hall, Roseberry Avenue, Clerkenwell, London EC1R 4RP

To register for this event click here

All lectures and courses are FREE of Charge
Please arrive a few minutes early
Inner Space – Centre for Self Development
Brahma Kumaris Information Services
36 Shorts Gardens | Covent Garden | London | WC2H 9AB | England | Tel: 020 7836 6688

Do You Have Your I.C.E. Number In Your Mobile Phone?

I got an email about this just over a year ago and thought is was a great idea. The bit below has been taken from Wikipedia and basically explains what it is all about. If you have not got yours in your phone and you are comfortable with it all, please take a moment to add it in now.

“In case of emergency (ICE) is a programme that enables first responders, such as paramedics, firefighters, and police officers, to identify victims and contact their next of kin to obtain important medical information. The program was conceived in the mid-2000s and promoted by British paramedic Bob Brotchie in May 2005.[1] It encourages people to enter emergency contacts in their cell phone address book under the name “ICE”. Alternately, a person can list multiple emergency contacts as “ICE1”, “ICE2″, etc. The popularity of the program has spread across Europe and Australia, and has started to grow into North America.”

A Little Process To Aid Better Sleep……….

I have been doing this for a few years now on and off – more on than off! I can really say it has worked for me. It is a mild form of meditation to help you switch off and get a good nights sleep.

Lie down on your bed and take away your pillow so that your body is flat on the bed. Lie with your feet apart and your arms just away from your sides so that your energies can flow with ease – so kind of like in a cross shape.

Breathe in deeply slowly and exhale slowly and you should start to feel relaxed. Now you are ready. Take in a deep breath and on your out breath, say in your mind to yourself “I am letting go of everything that is occupying my mind (or I am letting go of everything that happened today). It is time for my body to rest. I am ready to switch off and sleep.”

Say this whilst breathing continually about 10 times always on the out breath. When you are finished, gently move your fingers and your toes to come out of the meditation and lie in your normal sleeping position.

It does take a bit of practice for some people. Some of you will ease into it straight away. What you will find is that you have a deep, restful sleep and enough of what your body needs. You should wake up fresh and ready for another day because your body has rested well.

Try it and let me know what you think.   

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