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Healing Hypnotherapy by Glenn Harrold MBSCH Dip CH…….

I bought this CD last year with a whole load of other similar ones but only just picked it up now. I am a great believer in ‘there’s a time and a place’ so this is the right time for me to look at this.

I have literally just finished the session and can I just say, it was great. I actually felt things happening in my body like blockages being removed and clearing going on. Glenn has a soothing but practical voice for this. The content was great and I could follow this with ease. I always like listening to these things a few times so that the information really sinks in so I’ll do that. It’s too soon to see the results but I will keep you updated.

I was just on Glenn’s website and quite surprised that I had not heard of him yet. I love the fact that he says he wanted to use hypnotherapy to heal rather than entertain and I respect Glenn for saying that.

There is an abundance of great information and Auranics definitely recommends Glenn’s work. All products including downloads are very reasonable in price. He promotes his work through:

His books include titles such as:

  • Sleep well every night
  • look young live longer
  • lose weight now!
  • De-stress your life in 7 easy steps

Certainly worth a closer look!

Do You Really Taste Your Food When You Eat Or Is It All Over Before You Know It?

I had noticed that when I used to eat, I was always doing something else like watching TV or reading. I would spend time and effort creating delicious meals but not enjoy them because my mind would be on something else.

Since I have recognised this, I now eat with no distractions. I smell my food and really taste it. I appreciate it more. I appreciate myself more for cooking properly and nourishing my body well. I eat slowly and make an effort to enjoy every mouthful. I’m always the last one to finish when with friends and family; but then I am not clogging my digestive system. I am giving it time and space to work to its optimum.

Talk on Happiness from the BKWSU……….

I went to a talk at the Global Retreat Centre earlier this week presented by a lovely woman, Brigitte from the Brahma Kumaris.

One thing she said that really hit home for me was that whatever you go though in life, if you don’t absorb it and accept it, it will almost certainly be detrimental to you. Your not willing to accept this thing will create emotions which will lead to a series of though patterns which will lead to your reality. So from now, I am going to try and just accept whatever happens.

Brigitte also talked about watching your thought patterns – observing them from the outside and judging whether they are coming from the real you or your ego.

I personally find these talks fantastic and I always come away a little wiser and calmer. I would recommend these to anyone and everyone. The Brahma Kumaris is by far one of the most wonderful, giving organisations I have ever come across. many times when I have not been right, I have gone to one of these and it has put things into perspective for me. Also the fact that they don’t charge makes this service accessible to all – which I think is so great. There are way too many organisations that have great courses and workshops on enhancing ourself but they can charge hundreds of pounds which immediately limits their audience.

My ‘I want’ List………….

There are three things that I am missing right now and these are things that I want. So following the Law of Attraction, I have created a list explaining in detail what I want.

I sat down and really thought about these three things and visualised myself with them. The list has very specific points in it depicting my requirements. I have printed it off and have it in my house with the aim to read it as many times in the day that I can. I then shift my thought pattern to these things and again visualise myself having them.

I think this is a great idea and something everyone can do. You are in effect, using your words to create your thought patterns and make the shift towards attracting what you want. Try it! It could work for you.

Using your restaurant leftovers to help the homeless……..

This is something I do when I go out to dinner that my good friend Asare taught me. At the end of the meal if there is any food left over, we ask her waiter/ess too pack it up and find a homeless person to give it to. The restaurant will only throw it away so this is a good thing. I would urge any of you that can find someone who can benefit from this idea to do the same.

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