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Bullshit Celebrities with no substance, integrity or values VS THE OPPOSITE

Time for a rant….

I feel uncomfortable with just how much crap people are into these days – celebs, reality tv shows etc. Especially young people as their insight and inspirations are based on feeble, low moralistic, empty people who just have money…no sense. I personally don’t give a shit what these people are doing, wearing, where they are hanging etc. Who gives a……!!!

Then we wonder why we have a huge number of insecure people with no values, low self esteem and a general ‘I don’t give a damn’ attitude.

There are very few famous people who I respect because they are different. I’ve listed just a few:


sadeNot only do I love her music but also that she has her feet fully on the ground. Sade is an international star who has proved that you do not need to live the celeb life. She has her own privacy, no paparazzi follow her around and mark her every move, she doesn’t go to the parties that would compromise her integrity…its seems like she just isn’t interested. The only thing you can judge her on is her music because that’s all there is. The rest is none of anyones business.  She is a real ARTIST. 

Look at all of the others who have public breakdowns, filthy rich people who can’t cope with what THEY created.

Richard Gere

richI have a lot of respect for him. He said after Pretty Woman, he had all the money, women, fast cars and pretty much anything else he wanted. But he never felt contentment. There was something missing – so he set up the Gere Foundation to help HIV/Aids victims all over the world. Now he has loads of projects and the contentment he initially seeked.  


Paul Newman

pnI remember watching some footage of him just after he died where the Reporter asked him why he does what he does for charity. His reaction was to look at the Reporter with a confused face and say ” Those of us who are more fortunate in this world should have a responsibility to the others who don’t have what we have.” (Sorry these are not the exact words but they are how I remember them – still those words stayed with me.)

This gentleman just through his Newmans Own product range raised over $250 million for charities since 1982. A beautiful man who didn’t wallow in his own vanity but chose to do great things for others.

These are all exemplary people who had it all but decided to be individual and make a difference. These people I have all of the time in the world for. The others – I couldn’t care less about them. It always amazes me how many people have so much money but do nothing for charity. Or those who do but only because its making them look good because all of the paps are around. AARRGGGHHHH – ok rant over. I’m off to meditate!

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