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The Independent – the best newspaper………

Increase your intelligence with what I think is the best newspaper available today – created and published in the UK but available everywhere online.

The Independent





It has the following sections Monday to Friday:

  • Home News
  • European News
  • World News
  • Business
  • Media
  • Education
  • Travel
  • Money
  • Life & Style
  • Environment
  • Sport

There are also the Saturday and Sunday editions.

The Independent is, as it states – not politically swayed in any way. The closest you can get to the Real News. There are very few articles on gossip, celebrities, reality shows or anything like that. It is hardcore news and that’s why I love it. I really don’t care what so called celebs are up to. That to me isn’t news. I want to know what is going on in the world and I want the facts.

It offers a diverse range of Journalists who offer their opinions on the news – which is great for playing the devils advocate. You get to see many different opinions and angles of the same news which helps you create and maintain your belief systems.

I have personally learned so much from The Independent. I have learned about some issues way before the other papers have.  I learned how political/legal/economic systems work, who is involved, all about different countries and cultures, health and wellbeing stuff, loads of general knowledge and it has improved my vocabulary immensely. My sister introduced me to The Independent about 16 years ago and to date, it is the only newspaper I will read.

A good thing to do is buy a range of newspapers on the same day and compare how the same news is delivered and what facts are given. You will be surprised. And hopefully you will see what I am saying about The Independent.

How to deal with the changing world

There is no doubt that we are all currently at the crossroads of extraordinary change. It almost seems like the universe is shifting. Everyday consciousness is experiencing a total upheaval that is radiating through our entire planet ranging from the environment, politics, global markets to entertainment/etc.

Change now seems to be the constant mantra being directly sent to us from the universe itself. Every layer of our reality is currently being transformed in some shape or form. We are in a time of profound transformation, so it’s essential for us to stay connect to our true inner selves and not be overtaken by the fears that change naturally brings.

Many of us are currently caught up in our day to day dramas of life, we forget that we, as humans, exist on so many different energy levels. It’s vitally important for us to take a little time to surrender to the greater truth that dwells within each of us. It is essential that we not allow fear to get in the way of this deep knowing. Become present to the truth within you…


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