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New Website….

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to announce the launch of my new business venture www.simplyyouforum.com

It’s a platform for anyone who wants to learn and share anything connected to healing, empowerment and positivity.

I want you to Reveal Your Best, and I will do my best to help you achieve that.

If you like what you see, follow me on the website, like me on Facebook, connect with me on Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Xing. I will also launch a YouTube channel soon.

Thanks to all of those who have been with me on this superb journey. I love you all and it’s you that make me sparkle.




So, is it “A” or is it “B”?

My friend Asare showed me this a few weeks ago and I loved it. This is bang on!

Live & Learn



OR THIS WAY? (See below)

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Beautiful Quote,thought for the day

Beautiful Quote,thought for the day.


Marc and Angel say…..



Great Words….

Great Words....

It’s all about your perspective…..

As I am getting older and wiser, I am realising that all situations are really about how you perceive them. You have a real choice to look at things in one of a multitude of ways.

I call this 7 spectrum thinking because I always think there are usually at least 7 ways of looking at one scenario…..just as when you look into a 7 spectrum prism, you see 7 beautiful colours.

For example, I hate my job can also be seen as:

  1. I get paid so that I can eat, have shelter and the luxuries I have
  2. I have a job – there are many who do not and are struggling
  3. I have some nice friends at work
  4. I am appreciated by Joanne in Finance – she always thanks me for delivering my report in time
  5. I make people in my office smile at least once a day
  6. I’m utilising my education, gifts, talents etc and being challenged
  7. This job is giving me the experience I need to enhance in my career

So the next time you find yourself speaking negatively about someone or something, think to yourself that there is another way, in fact there are several other ways. In doing so, you lighten the burden on your heart and get a little closer to inner peace.

Finish this sentance……

I love the way I ………………………

Mine? Oh – I love the way I always try to help people where ever I can. What’s yours?

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